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"I hereby repudiate, rescind, renounce and disavow any CITIZENSHIP status with the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT that I may have inadvertently acquired, by any scheme, for the reasons detailed in the foregoing Articles. My birthright now being re-secured as a member of the Sovereign Body of freemen and women known as Americans, American State Nationals, I hereby pledge my allegiance only to my God. I shall live by the commandment of “Love thy Neighbor” and shall “Do no Harm” in my private pursuit of life, liberty, happiness. "

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How to become an American State National

Let us help you complete the process to become an American State National within 30 days. Our Freedom Bundle + Affidavit of Truth and Assertory Oath, Repudiation and Revocation of Citizenship (AOR) provides everything needed, with instructions, to become an American State National. Everything included in your AOR becomes truth and fact (a court of record) when unrebutted by the Secretary of State of the USA after 21 days. Recording this Affidavit (AOR) + Freedom Bundle on the Public Record with your county or any county in the USA is the key to becoming an American State National. Unrebutted Affidavits hold weight in any courtroom and cannot be ignored by any judge!

Steps required to complete your process and become an American State National

  1. Notarize all AOR copies (We send 4)
  2. Mail off one AOR copy via USPS Registered Mail to the Secretary of State of the United States of America (pre-filled out mailer included)
  3. Wait the 21 days after being Received in DC
  4. On the 22nd day you can notarize your Freedom Bundle papers
  5. Mail off AOR+Freedom Bundle to Pima County Arizona (or any county in the US) to be publicly recorded. Mailer Included
  6. You become an American State National once recorded by Pima County Arizona (or any county in the US)

Affidavit of Repudiation


  • 1. AOR and Copies Ready to Notarize
  • 2. 4 AOR Copies (35 pages/each copy)
  • 2. Correctly filled out Registered Mailer Envelope
  • 2. Printed Mail Labels
  • 3. 1-2 Business Day Processing
  • 4. David Straight Process Guaranteed
  • *SSN & Birth Certificate Not Required for AOR Only*
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Freedom Bundle without AOR


  • 1. Recording Cover Page
  • 2. Certified Proof of Service
  • 3. Notice of Default Certified Judgement of Un-Rebutted Affidavit
  • 4. Deed of Re-Conveyance
  • 5. Declaration of Status
  • *These papers cannot be notarized or recorded until 21 days after your AOR has been marked Received by the US SOS*
  • *Birth Certificate and SSN Required*
  • *Digital Copies of the Freedom Bundle can be sent via email, after we have completed as much as we can, you can fill in sensitive information like SSN, Birth Registration Number, and print out yourself if necessary*
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AOR + Freedom Bundle


  • AOR + Freedom Bundle
  • All Documents
  • Ready to Notarize and Mail off
  • Usually shipped to you within 2 business days.
  • Email Support Until your Process in Complete
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Affidavit of Repudiation Freedom Bundle without AOR AOR + Freedom Bundle
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Certified Proof of Service
Notice of Default Certified Judgement of Un-Rebutted Affidavit
Deed of Re-Conveyance
Declaration of Status

Need Help? Ask a Question:

All questions are answered via email by a Living, Breathing, American State National.

COMMON LAW IS COMMON SENSE The question each jurist must ask themselves is, “Is there an injured party?” There is a Common Law principle which states that for there to be a crime, there must first be a victim (corpus delecti), the state cannot be the injured party. In the absence of a victim there can be no crime. This is what the grand jurist must discover. -COMMON LAW HANDBOOK FOR JUROR’S, SHERIFF’S, BAILIFF’S, AND JUSTICE’S by David E. Robinson (Author)


What is State National?

Becoming a State National restores your status as a party to the Constitution and other founding documents, and the positive guarantees contained within, such as the Bill of Rights. It sets the stage for exchanging your position in life from that of a debtor-subject-slave, to that of a creditor-creator-sovereign. It frees you from being subject to statutory legislation, which is rightfully only supposed to be applicable to those involved in commerce and contracts, and public officials in the course of their duties.

State National is a recognized status in US Code Title 8 Section 1101 (a) (21) or (23) if naturalized. This status disconnects the individual from the 14th Amendment corporate citizen.

(21) The term "national" means a person owing permanent allegiance to a state.

Not the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, STATE OF FLORIDA, etc. (These are the corporations not the Physical State)

North Carolina the state, Texas the state, California the state, etc. The land, the soil, where you lie your head at night.

Our vessels are pledging allegiance to the state. The man / woman only pledges allegiance to God. Remember we are correcting our status and taking dominion in all 3 jurisdictions.

To truly understand what an American State National is we must first go back to the founding of The united States for America. In the beginning each of the colonies entered the union as sovereign and independent Nation States. To further understand what an ASN is we must examine the diction at the time of the founding of the nation. History books, especially those written around the 1850's and prior refer to the people living in this country as inhabitants (not residents) and statesmen (not citizens). The founding fathers are referred to as Pennsylvanians, Virginians, New Yorkers, Ohioans, or more specifically, as American State Nationals. That is why, to this day "American State National" remains a lawful status identified in Title 8 USC Section 1101 (a) (21)(23). Further evidence of the Lawful nature of this status is evidenced by the State Department issuing passports which reflect this status. When passports belonging to ASNs are run by law enforcement the Lexus Nexus system indicates "Do not detain, Do not Interrogate, 50 state concealed carry for life", this is due to the fact that ASNs have limited diplomatic immunity. Limited diplomatic immunity dictates that unless there is an injured party, no crime has been committed, ASNs operate under Constitutional and Common Law. As American State Nationals, We the People are the creators of government; Maxim of Law: That which one creates, one controls. We the People are restoring our status, standing, and jurisdiction.

What is not a State National?

State Nationals are NOT sovereign citizens. They are not things, civilly dead, dead entities, corporations, persons, legal fiction, pauper, debt slaves, time slaves, or corporate slaves. Once you claim your minor estate you are no longer a minor, a lunatic, or incapacitated legal idiot. ASNs are not government employees in their private capacity.

Why do some people say America State National?

There are 100 million State Nationals worldwide. There are approximately 10 million American State nationals as of September 2022. We use the word American to specify that which we are.

As a State National, do I separate myself from the entire system?

No. We are not removing ourselves from the 3 juris but instead are taking dominion over them by leaving nothing to adjudicate using their own system.

Can I change my status if I am a naturalized citizen?


What is the AoR?

The AoR is the Affidavit of Truth and Assertory Oath, Repudiation and Revocation of Citizenship document, shortened to Affidavit of Repudiation. It is the first step of the Level 1 process to freedom.

What exactly does the AoR say?

The AoR is a small compilation of violations that our present corporation government has infringed on us without We the People's knowledge or approval. It doesn't say that you will give up anything or that you own anything, it notifies them that you are aware of their misdeeds.

I see the word "renounce" in the AoR. I thought we are specifically NOT renouncing. Please clarify.

We do not renounce the Constitutional United States as one of We the People we were born into. We renounce the Corporation 14th Amendment "citizen" – de facto UNITED STATES (28 USC 3002(15). Note the language in the AoR – "…renounce… CITIZENSHIP status with the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT…" The all-caps text is the 14th Amendment corporate citizen.

When I go to the passport office, do I bring the whole Freedom Bundle or just the AoR?

Bring a Certified copy (not your original) of the entire Freedom Bundle, plus a copy and the original BC just in case they want to keep it.

I am free and have my passport. How do I access my Trust?

You don't get access. Later in the process you can gain control of the trust. The trust is not something that you can use on a shopping spree down at the local store. You first have to go through the process of learning and completing the security of your castle. You can't act like a KING/QUEEN until your castle is secured and you can defend it. Then and only then are you really FREE.

Does becoming an American State National take away your right to vote in any election, federal or state?

State Nationals do not vote. We elect. In the process after you have your passport, you will learn how to change your voter registration to elector. Electors’ choices count as 4 corporate citizen votes.

Will changing my status effect my ability to purchase a gun?

No. Since technically you were never a citizen, you have not renounced anything. In the questionnaire filled out where it asks "Have you ever renounced your citizenship", you would answer "No". Also, you HAVE to use a Driver's License, or some form of govt. issued ID. You cannot use your passport as identification. It has to be a govt. issued ID card that has your address printed on it.

How do I become a State National if I live in Washington DC or any of the US territories?

Unfortunately, since currently Washington DC is considered a foreign country to the Republic, you will need to move to a state of the Republic, and just like anyone moving to the united states Republic from a foreign country, you must be on the land and soil of the Republic for 7 years, to obtain naturalization into the union.

Anyone born in DC, Puerto Rico, Guam or territories would have to do a step prior to the AOR. AOI That is for non-naturalized citizens or people born in the outer laying territories Puerto Rico America Samoan or DC . And non-naturalized One will need to first submit an affidavit of inhabitance and wait 21 days for a non-rebuttal before recording and moving forward with the AOR

Do I still need to get a new passport if my current one is still valid?

Short answer: Yes,

The point of the passport process is to identify with the State Department that you have changed your status, and that they need to update the background information on your passport as such.

When handing in the passport application, you are doing 2 things.

You are filling out the DS-11 new passport application leaving all areas mentioning that you (or your parents) are a U.S. Citizen, unchecked.

You are including a copy of your Affidavit of Repudiation with your application as evidence that you are a State National.

If you have a valid passport, or it has expired within less than 5 years, We recommend you fill out the passport form DS-64 "Lost or Stolen Passport". If you try to surrender your expired passport, they will try to push the DS-82, the passport renewal application. They may even get pushy and say they won't accept a DS-11, or that the DS-82 will save you money. The problem with the DS-82 is they leave all checkboxes off of stating you are not a U.S. Citizen. So by filling this out, they will assume you are.

Also, if your passport is currently valid, and you try to surrender it, they will just get confused, and push back on you. Again, in this scenario, we recommend you claim it is lost with the DS-64 form.

Does a person born outside the country with citizenship to another country who has now lived in the country for seven years need to still get US citizenship before becoming a State National?


Since you have lived in the country for 7 years, you are considered naturalized.

Does changing your status affect real estate holdings, 401Ks, Iras and Trusts?

No. Those will not change

Does changing your status affect receiving veteran disability benefits?

No, you have earned those. Those will not change

Will changing my status impact my security clearance?


How do I get my document notarized by a public notary, notary public, and a notary republic?

Any notary can sign and stamp your documents. The notary language on the document is what determines what type your notary is.

Will I lose my benefits (Welfare/Medicaid/Medicare), if I change my status?

Government benefits, such as welfare will be affected as they are privileges given to US Citizens. Private groups such as churches, and food pantries can help whomever they want. If it is government subsidized then no. Medicare you pay for will not change Medicaid is a freebie from the government, will be affected Private groups such as churches can help whomever they want.

Will I lose my Social Security, Medicare, or Veteran benefits?

No. Governments cannot, by law, break any private contracts. If you are owed benefits than you will continue to get them because you are on contract.

What makes me an American State National?

You are fully a American State National when your AOR has been Received by the SOS of the United States and you have waited the 21 days needed for your AOR to be Un-Rebutted. On your 22nd day you can record your AOR+Freedom Bundle with the county of your choice. Pima County Arizona is recommended. Having your AOR+Freedom Bundle publicly recorded makes you an American State National.

How do I record my documents after they are all notarized and ready?

Our Freedom Bundle packet comes with all papers required to record and a pre-filled out mailer. So, all you need to do is get your papers notarized and send it off registered mail via the post office (registered mailer and envelope included). Personal information like SSN and Birth Certificate should be redacted before you publicly record for your safety. You will keep at least three original copies for yourself and you will have to order Certified copies of your recorded document after it has been recorded. Ordering from our Freedom Bundle process we send you a pre-filled Envelope addressed to Pima County that requires a $30 dollar money order to record your document. But the fastest way to record, is by e-recorder, we recommend scanning your papers one by one and converting to pdf. Record it by e-recorder via Pima County and then your officially a American State National most of the time same day. Mailed in documents will days about 3-7 business days. Order your Certified Copies and take it to your passport appointment.

Do American State Nationals have to Pay Federal Income Tax?

When you are an American State National you declare yourself a living man or women and not a dead entity. You are no longer a Federal Citizen or employee of the CORPORATION OF AMERICAN but a living man or woman under Gods Law and this is publicly recorded on the record. You are still an American! You will still be able to get a passport that reflects your status and after that you will be added to a do not detain list because of your status. You are no longer in their Jurisdiction. You will not have to pay taxes ever again and if you have a job that is withholding money from your earnings you can submit a different IRS form called a w8-BEN that informs your employer that you are Tax Exempt and they must accept it. Never pay taxes again.

If I were an American State National, would I be employable as a non-U.S. citizen in the normal manner or would I need a work visa/permit?

You will not need a work visa to work in the US. When you become an American State National you don't lose your SSN or anything like that. After becoming an American State National you will have to file form 56 with the IRS and then you can hand your employer a W-8BEN Form which lets the IRS know that you are tax exempt and foreign to the USA Corporation. Until you do the IRS form 56 and the W8-BEN form than you will be employable in the same manner as usual. You don't lose the right to provide for yourself or your family when you become an American State National. As an American State National your rights are protected by our constitution. As a US Citizen, which means you are an employee of USA Inc (a corporation), you are not protected by our original constitution.

About us

We are a group of American State Nationals united to help our fellow man break free from the de facto government. We see a need to help people complete this process because it can be so overwhelming to learn and you need to make sure your change of status is done properly. Once your donation is completed you will be redirected back to our website to fill out the required information needed to get started on your paperwork. Birth Certificate and SSN scans/pictures are required to complete your Freedom Bundle (these papers can be filled out by us and sensitive information can be left for you to edit and print if necessary). We will contact you via email for this information usually within a couple hours of donation. Processing time is between 2-5 days, depending on workload, and will be shipped to you ready to mail out registered mail. Pima County is the best option to record because recording fees are low... only $30.00 per document instead of $4-$7 per page but you are welcome to attempt to record in your home county.

Process requires a lot of personal information. All information will be deleted once complete.. we are not here to steal or misuse your information. Thank you!

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